Our Elected Boneheads….er…. Legislators

Well for icing on the cake, how about 100 million dollars in humanitarian aid going to Syria when we have people in this country on food stamps in record numbers, unbelievable unemployment and underemployment as well as homeless on the streets all around us.

The nerve of our legislators giving away ANY foreign money aid burns me up, let alone a substantial amount of our taxpayer money to people, many of whom hate us! We don’t have a clear picture of who are the good guys and the bad guys in Syria. There is, in fact, an excellent chance we are helping to support members of the Muslim Brotherghood who DEFINITELY have plans for Christians and they aren’t good!

So, my advise for American taxpayers is to put down that warm can of Bud Lite and do some serious thinking about the type of government we want and ESPECIALLY how we want our taxpayer money spent. In my opinion, there should be an immediate end to all foreign aid, whether it is earmarked for military, or humanitarian aid. At least until we get our national debt under control and stop borrowing 40 cents out of every dollar we spend!!

What can we do. Well, I am frankly to the point of advocating we replace the entire government with men and women willing to put Americans first.

I hope next election, you give a good hard look at your Senators and Congressmen/women and find out their stand on foreign aid.  If they are for a continuation of business as usual – providing foreign aid to other countries when we don’t have our act together on this country, then I say send them packing. Replace them with people whose motto is AMERICA FIRST!






Speaking Out

Have you noticed – folks on both sides of the gun control issue are speaking out more AND VERY LOUDLY!!!  Not only are they speaking their mind on the issue, but a proliferation of bumper stickers and apparel is available which will let others know exactly how you feel.

Not to be outdone, we here at www.selfdefenceandsecurity.com have jumped on the band wagon and offer a variety of stylist t-shirts with gun supporters in mind – BECAUSE WE SUPPORT THE SECOND AMENDMENT!!

The Second Amendment and the First Amendment go hand-in-hand.  Without one we would likely not enjoy the other, so put down that Bud Lite and think about it a minute.  There seems to be a powerful move afoot within this country to roll-back out First Amendment rights too.  All you have to do is Google this concept and up pops a mulitude of information supporting this contention.  Please take the time to do it and see what some folks are trying to do with the Constitution in this country.  And — feel free to speak your mind on the gun control issue by purchasing one of our stylist t-shirts relating to that issue.  As always, quick shipping is available. 


Lets Take A Moment Off- – - -

As you browse through our various self defense related items, lets pause to contemplate something.

Ever wonder why there are so many lawyers around these days? They are all fighting to litigate so intensely you barely spend ten minutes watching television without seeing an ad from a law firm representing those experiencing bad drugs, motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall cases, etc. The list goes on ad nauseum.

Fact of the matter, quite a lot of these lawyers happen to suspiciously be between fifty-five and about sixty-five years old. Why do you think this is? Simple. This batch of happy litigants were all in their 20s during the time period we were involved in Viet Nam and the last thing they wanted to do is be drafted and sent to the jungles of southeast Asia. Solution – STAY IN SCHOOL. Get advanced graduate degrees. This is why those with masters and doctorate degrees are like flies on – - – - well you know what! They all had one common goal – keep their fannies from induction and serving in the US military.

In order to assure their longevity, they have to keep things churned up so a continuous income is realized, frequently at the expense of others trying to develop and grow a small business.
Some people have offered a suggestion which might curtail the proliferation of lawyers – place a moratorium on law school graduates – say for ten years!

Oh well – time go back and browse through the produts available on www.selfdefenceandsecurity.com



Hidden Cameras

More than ever – this is the time you should be careful to protect your home and valuables by initiating specific security plans.  For those who can afford the cost, one of the major national security companies will wire your home to ward off intruders and also capture them on video cameras.  Their services are excellent and very expensive.  Or – you can take the matter into your own hands and setup several hidden video, or digital still cameras throughout your home which will capture either a black and white or color image of those conducting a break-in.

We have a wide variety of cost-effective cameras on www.selfdefenceandsecurity.com which you can place at strategic locations throughout your home to “capture the moment” if the moment ever occurs.  These include outdoor, mounted security cameras and indoor cameras including hidden cameras which are disguised to look like houehold items.

2.4GHZ WIRELESS COLOR ALARM CLOCK CAMERA This looks like a clock, doesn’t it?  Whether is it actually a clock with a very small camera mounted inside which will take an excellent

quality picture of anyone in the room.  We offer a variety of motion-sensitive cameras which will capture images every few seconds as long as activity takes place at proximity to the device. 


2.4GHZ WIRELESS B/W AIR WICK AIR FRESHENER CAMERA  Although this looks like a plug-in air freshener, it has no freshening functions, but will record quality images of someone sniffing through your belongings!

So, that’s the story.  Feel free to browse through our site and look at the various affordable, quality home security items available – all with very rapid, reasonable shipping.




Internet Sales Taxes

 The internet was created, originally, to be a free-thinking and a sales-tax-free entity. It has remained that way for over twenty years, but now a gloomy threat looms which will increase the cost of everything you and I purchase online. 

The Senate is now considering a bill which would require on-line sellers to charge sales tax on every item they sell and send that tax revenue to the states where merchandise is sold. This will not only be a bookereping nightmare for major online merchants, but will serve to increase the price of every product sold because now you will now only have to pay shipping for those purchases, but also your state’s applicable sales tax!!

Of course, if the Senate passes this bill, and there is a high probability they will, it goes to the House for their consideration. Hopefully, reason will prevail and the bill will die in the house.

So, what there is to do is watch CLOSELY how your legislators vote on this very important issue and, if they vote YES on the bill, return the favor by voting NO when they run for re-election. At a time when everything costs more, the last thing we need is another manipulative move to increase state revenue coffers at the expense of the consumer!


Failed Gun Control Legislation

All who recognize the Second Amendment and favor the right of law-abiding citizens to arm and defend themselves were very concerned as the Senate recently debated and then voted on gun control measures. Luckily sanity prevailed – or more likely Senators were ultimately concerned that a yes vote on those measures would translate into unemployment for them – and they voted down the bills.

 The confusing part of the situation goes like this. The Senate is once again talking about bringing up similar gun control measures for another vote. It is crystal clear and obvious folks – our elected representatives do NOT have a close relationship with THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE. The people have spoken, through their elected representatives and earlier bills were voted down. That should be the end of it! On to other business such as UNEMPLOYMENT and UNDEREMPLOYMENT in this country. The very fact that legislators – any of them – would seriously think of re-booting the gun control conversation defies logic. One can only hope that residents within those states represented by Senators hell-bent on creating gun control laws VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE!!

Fact of the matter – strict gun control laws would not have kep the tragedies occuring in Aurora, Colorado and Newtown, Connecticut from happening. I defy anyone on the gun control side of the argument to explain to me how the proposed laws would have made a difference.

The focus should be on swift prosecution of felons who possess guns – especially when commiting a crime with the weapons followed by lengthy jail terms WITHOUT the possibility of parole until the full term is served. This is the way we fight crime – not by over -regulating law-abiding citizens and making it necessary for them to throw an apple at a bad guy attempting to break into their homes as opposed to throwing some hollow point rounds from their semi-auto pistol! Enough said. EXCEPT- for less lethal solutions, see what we have to offer on www.selfdefenceandsecurity.com




Outing in the woods preparations

If you are going out in the woods for your next vacation, make sure you have a good supply of bear spray and pepper spray along with a sweet stun gun or stun baton.

Guard Alaska® Bear Spray BR-9 9oz Pepper Spray

Guard Alaska Bear Spray pepper spray 9oz has proven so effective repelling bears, it is the only one registered with the EPA as a repellent for ALL SPECIES of bear!

Guard Alaska Bear Spray BR-9 Pepper Spray 9oz is absolutely the most effective and powerful all species bear defense spray available today. It is environmentally safe and does not contain flammable or ozone-depleting substances.

Our Guard Alaska Bear Repellent is also endorsed by the Alaska Science & Technology Foundation, ASTF.

Size: 9 Ounce Super size.

Range: Approximately 15-20 feet.

Dimensions: 8-3/4″ x 2″

When it comes to personal safety, it is up to you to be prepared with all the necessary self defense and security tools for anticipated situations.

Mace® Bear Self Defense Spray 260gram Repellent Fogger 80346

More great news for true outdoor enthusiasts! Now you can also protect yourself against possible bear attacks, with safe, humane Pepper Mace Bear Spray.

Mace® Bear Self Defense Spray 260gram Repellent Fogger 80346 is a powerful Magnum Fogger that sprays up to 30 feet with just 5.4seconds to empty the 260 grams of pepper spray Fogger.

This unit measures 8.75x2inches. Easy to pack, carry and disperse.

Our 80346 Mace Bear Spray is 260 grams of bear Fogger repellent you can spray anywhere you need for home protection or personal self defense.

Bear Pepper Spray Fogger is for personal safety and protection in Bear country.

Size: 260 grams
Dimensions: Measures 8.75x2inches

Stay safe and enjoy your outings knowing you have made appropriate selfdefense and security choices.


Foreign Aid & Hurricane Sandy

Now you might ask, how in the world are the recent devistating hurricane and the fact the U.S. gives billions of taxpayer dollars away each year to countries throughout the world through various foreign aid programs connected. 

Hopefully we are all aware of the tremendous damage to New York and New Jersey and to a lesser degree states all along the shoreline of the east coast caused by Hurricane Sandy last week.  Recent damage estimates put repairs in the tens of billions of dollars range.  The metro New York and New Jersey areas alone will require billions to restore homes as well as businesses to pre-hurricane status and will take years to accomplish.  Where is the money going to come from to accomplish this task.  Quite a few homeowners have insurance and so do businesses in the area.  Fact of the matter, a lot of those insurance policies have a substantial wind damage deductable and many folks don’t even have flood insurance coverage.  How are they going to manage?

If ever there was a time for this country to deal with our own issues FIRST, that time is now.  Citizens throughout the country, and especially in the heavily populated northeastern region should DEMAND the U.S. immediately curtail ALL FOREIGN AID monies and apply that wealth to rebuilding homes and businesses damaged in our country!  Now, some liberals among us will wine and say we have enough wealth within our country right now to rebuild those regions.  Fact of the matter – most people whose business was destroyed and homes demolished will NOT have enough resources to rebuild utilizing insurance funds WITHOUT SIGNIFICANT HELP FROM SOMEONE, OR SOMEWHERE ELSE! 

Bottom line – we owe other countries NOTHING.;  The U.S. was built through the hard work and initiative of Americans.  We did not take handouts from any other countries back in the day.  We got to where we are today through our own internal resources.  The thing to do is contact your Senator and Congressman by phone, fax, email, telephone and even smoke signals and demand they IMMEDIATELY stop sending billions to other countries and apply the money for domestic uses.  Hopefully, they will be responsive to our demands for once!!






Lost Income





I see more and morepeople wandering around their yards these days searching.  Why are they searching?  Simple, they are looking for the income they lost during the last four years!

Fact – most so-called middle class citizens in the US lost between 3.9% and 5% of their income during the past years.  Why is this?  It is not always due to taking a lesser paying  job.  Its more due to the fact that our money is worth less than it was four years and the cost of items we must purchase – energy, good and medical services have increased at a rate greater than the rate of inflation.

What is the biggest culprit?  ENERGY.  In this country, we have set ourselves up as “burb-dwellers”.  We started moving out of the inner-city decades ago and have continued our migration to the outer suburbs – even the country where many folks have to commute over one hundred miles each day to get to and from work.  This all made sense in the day when gas was 30 cents a gallon.  As the cost of gas kept rising, the commute to work became more expense, but in the 70s and 80s and even the 90s, our incomes kept pace with the rising cost of energy, so it didn’t matter.

Fast forward to 2008 when the so-called “great recession” started to rear up.  Some still believe that “great recession” was nothing more than a controlled depression with government stepping in and incurring even greater debt by throwing bail-out money all over the place.   What government really did is postpone the pain of the final (and HUGE) bill becoming due and payable.  Beware – that day will come!

Getting back to my initial point ENERGY.  A lot of so-called experts will tell you the banking fiasco caused this economic mess.  Forcing banks to loan mortgage money to people who shouldn’t qualify – the sub-prime foasco, you know the mumbo-jumbo!  I believe the real culprit is and has been the cost of energy – mainly gas at the pump.  Our real loss of net income has been the ever-increasing and unregulated price of  energy to heat and cool our homes, gas for the car(s) – you get the point!

Ever wonder why our political pundits will never do anything to regulate the cost of oil?  Its because government is part of the problem, NOT the solution.  They have a lot at stake and a lot to risk by clamping down on the PRICE of gas.  About as far as they are willing to go is propose more drilling for oil, which they theorize will being down the cost of gas with increased supply.  WRONG.  Increasing supply has already proven NOT to be effective in driving down the price of gas at the pump.  All the oil companies – some would call them PETRO-BANDITS do is reduce the supply through decreased refining and walla – up goes the price again.

The real solution is to treat oil companies in the same manner your state governments treat utilities.  Every time the phone, electric and gas companies want a rate increase, they have to pitch their needs to a PSC (public service commission), or PUC (public utilities commission) and JUSTIFY that rate increase.  Sometimes they get it, sometimes they don’t

So, as much as I hate governmental control of anything, certain industries simply can’t be left to the whims of a so-called competetive, free-enterprise system.  I suggest we demand our legislators to several things by force of law:

(1)  Create a price board which will review all price increases sought by oil companies

(2)  Roll back the price of a barrel of oil to – lets say $35-40.00.  That should be enough to reduce the cost of gas to around $1.20 a gallon – a huge economic boost!

(3)  Outlaw the exportation of both crude and refined oil products to other countries until our economy stabilized and we are guaranteed a continuous supply of reasonable priced oil.

(4)  If the oil companies don’t want to play ball – NATIONALIZE THEM. 

Think about these facts and maybe we can start to demand of our federal legislators a fair deal for all of  us again.  Its time we take the power away from the PETRO-BANDITS and provide a stable economic structure for America.  Demand those running for office provide us with their SPECIFIC plans to control oil prices!



Biden’s Debate Presentation

Well the one and only VP debate has come and gone and presentations by Mr. Biden and Mr. Ryan were more or less as expected. 

It was quite obvious, at least at first, that Paul Ryan was the more nervous of the two as the debate started, but soon loosened up and gave a solid presentation.  On the other hand, Biden, who was at ease from the start, continued to win prizes for the toothiest grin on the planet throughout the debate.  Most critics feel this manner of being destroyed whatever credibility he might have built.  If, on the other hand, Mr. Biden had simply listened intently to what Mr. Ryan had to say rather then reacting as if everything Ryan said tickled his funny-bone, he might have been able to win the debate.  Most debate critics feel Ryan won the event, if by a slight margin.

Never has a Presidential candidate won an election on the merits of his VP’s debate performance.  In fact, for many years, the VPs didn’t even have a public debate.  This debate is simply one more exercise in the seemingly never-ending attempt by both parties to get their message(s) across to the voters.  Few people will argue this fact – the target of the debate performance was not hard-core Democrats, or Republicans but instead independent voters whose decision could quite likely determine this election.  Judging from various polls conducted following the VP debate, it appears the Romney/Ryan troupe received a very slight bump from his performance.

So – two down, two to go.  More blogging following the upcoming second Presidential debate which will be conducted in a town-hall type of format.